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With the continuous improvement of environmental protection work requirements, environmental protection tasks are also becoming more and more arduous. In the environmental protection acceptance work, the geographical location, construction scope, scale and environmental impact assessment of some construction projects, especially ecological construction projects, have changed greatly; some construction units have not carried out project construction in accordance with the requirements for environmental impact assessment, illegally encroaching on nature reserves. Areas requiring special protection, such as drinking water source protection areas, have caused great damage to the ecological environment.

The UAV remote sensing system has the characteristics of low cost, high security, high mobility and high resolution. The UAV remote sensing system can be used in environmental protection management, environmental monitoring, environmental monitoring, and environmental emergency and ecological protection of construction projects. Give full play to its strong technical support.

Water pollution: UAVs are equipped with multi-spectral cameras to generate multi-spectral images, which can visually identify pollution sources, contaminated ports, visible floating objects, and generate distribution maps, which can provide a reliable basis for environmental assessment and environmental monitoring;

Air pollution: With a variety of factors (such as VOCs, SO2, PM2.5) high-precision gas monitoring sensors or gas collection devices, in the survey area for a wide range of inspections, UAV can help environmental monitoring and enforcement lock the source of pollution.

The drone can observe the distribution of pollution sources, the discharge status and the project construction situation from a macro perspective, and provide decision-making basis for environmental monitoring. At the same time, the monitoring of the pollution status of the sewage outlet through the UAV monitoring platform can also quickly track the sudden environmental pollution incidents. Capture illegal sources of pollution and obtain evidence in a timely manner to provide timely and efficient technical services for environmental supervision and law enforcement.

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