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Product Introduction

The SY-1200 drone is a battery-powered multi-rotor aircraft designed for security applications in a variety of environments and terrains, including police, ports, and environment protection and so on.

SY-1200's airframe is made of light, durable high-strength carbon fiber. The arms are foldable to downward, which improves the reliability and reduces the transportation volume. SY-1200 modular design allows flight platform to make an aerial survey, ariel monitoring, tele equipment communication and delivery, thus realizing a multi-purpose aircraft.

The advanced flight controller integrated with the aircraft instantly and precisely responds to pilot inputs. It has one-button take-off and one-button landing functions. It can return automatically when out of control and requires less skill of operators.

Technical Parameters

  • Diagonal Wheelbase: 1150mm
  • Max Speed: 65km/h
  • Hovering Accuracy: Vertical: ±0.5m Level:±1.5m
  • Max Work Height: 3000m (Altitude)
  • Operating Temperature: - 10℃~+40℃
  • Packing Box Size: 560mm*480mm*550mm
  • Empty Weights: 9.5kg
  • Max Take-off Weight: 15kg
  • Operating Time: 30-65 min(depend on load)
  • Battery: LiPo
  • Body Material: Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic
  • Control Mode: RC+auto

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