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Product Introduction

Consisting of higher structural stiffness and lighter structural weight, the fuselage is totally made of carbon fiber and its spacious storage can carry various types of mission loads. It has advantages such as strong cross-wind resistance, flying site adaptability, and some other user-friendly characteristics.

Wide Application Range:

[Aerial Survey]

High-resolution image of interest area is acquired by high-pixel digital camera flying at low altitude quickly. After software processes, it can develop Digital Orthophoto Map (DOM), Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Digital Line Graphic (DLG) and other mapping products.

[Environmental Monitoring]

Carry the visible light digital camera with multi-spectral features which allow the drones can observe air, soil, vegetation and water quality macroscopically; provide decision-making basis for environmental protection, monitor and track the development of sudden environmental pollution events quickly in real time; define the treatment measures in time, and reduce the loss caused by pollution.

SY-1 UAV can also be used in marine environmental monitoring, seismic survey, reef mapping and oil and gas pipeline inspection, and flood disaster investigation.

Technical Parameters

  • Wing Span: 3.4m
  • Length: 2.1m
  • Max Take-off Weight: 22kg
  • Speed Range: 90km/h~110km/h
  • Max Vertical Speed: 4m/s (sea level)
  • Flight Altitude: 300m~3000m
  • Using Overload Coefficient: -2g~+3g
  • Endurance: 30h
  • Visuality: Digital Camera/Infrared Camera/Video
  • Control Mode: RC+auto
  • Measure & Control Radius: ≤65km
  • Wind Resistance: 6 Wind Scale
  • Rain Resistance: Light Rain
  • Launch Mode: Car assist launch/ Pneumatic catapult
  • Landing Mode: Belly landing/ Net recovery landing
  • UAV Assembling/Disassembling Time: <30min

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