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Greetings from General Manager

Thank you all for your trust, support and understanding. The company has developed steadily and rapidly.

A company can be excellent only when it is professional. Established in 2011, Liaoning General Aviation Development Co., Ltd., with the strong technical strength and aviation talent reserve of Shenyang Aerospace University and Liaoning General Aviation Academy, is based on the development strategy of "high starting point, high quality and high positioning". It is committed to the development and production level of general aviation and unmanned systems.

We aim at the leading edge of UAV industry, keep pace with the development of technology, standardize the management with ISO9001 quality standard, and take "building advanced intelligent UAS, enhancing the market share of brand" as the development goal. During the past eight years, the company has cooperation with national functional departments, research institutes, and large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions such as the Environmental Protection Department and the Ministry of Public Security. The company drones have been used in a wide range of applications such as media coverage, firefighting, rescue, remote sensing mapping, agriculture, real estate etc.

The company has set up a UAV training institute to train personnel for various positions in UAV development.

Brilliance is memory; attainment is the commencing point. Regarding the rapid development of unmanned systems in the world and new opportunities and challenges, Liaoning General Aviation Development Co., Ltd. is committed to improve the strength, to create advanced intelligent unmanned systems and promote the development of aviation industry.