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1. Safety flight guidelines

Our company is committed to promoting the creativity of UAV flight technology, promoting safe flight awareness for users and maintaining public airspace order.

Safety flight instructions:
Check that the equipment is in good condition, the power is sufficient, all the accessories are working properly; make sure that the mobile device that controls the equipment is fully charged; please choose to fly in an area with good open space and wide line of sight; fly at a safe altitude, as far as possible from the high-rise building; good GPS positioning signal in the area; comply with local flight policy, Please strictly abide by local laws and regulations during flight, consult the local airspace management department, and choose a safe flight environment for safe flight.

2. Sales support

The drone industry is an emerging high-tech industry, covering everything from R&D, manufacturing, to use, management and service. The upstream of its industrial chain is mainly new materials, electronic components, software design, etc., and in the downstream of its industrial chain, it also involves scientific research, agriculture, electricity, transportation, meteorology and many other industries.

The potential of UAVs in replacing human beings for high-risk operations, as well as the advantages of low-cost, easy-to-maneuver, and high-efficiency compared to manned aircraft, has extended the application field to the downstream users of the industry chain. The group will continue to expand.

Our drones will fly around the world. Welcome distributors, partners and users to join us, we will provide you with professional technical support and services. Technical service support includes: Liaoning Navigation UAV systems, as well as all our software, payloads and accessories.

3. After sales support

We are adhering to the "global service" pursuit, whether it is the Liaoning navigation series drones or related systems. We have conducted extensive testing to achieve the highest level of safety and reliability of the drone.

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